RHEMA FOUNDATION through "Community SafeHaven International" is prepared to equip these individuals with opportunities.

I Can.

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All applicants must qualify to participate.


Specific, on-going assistance is required to develop skills, confidence and HOPE that will move participants past their current situations to self-sufficiency.  The Rhema Foundation has devised strategies through collaborative efforts to implement and support the components listed below:

Empowering women to new heights.


“RHEMA is committed to assist women and their families in their development and harness the Hope that has been lost in their lives.  It is our desire to cultivate the inner-person. We are committed to stimulating the “I CAN” attitude in each person we serve.

Hours of Operation M-F 10AM - 5PM



  • Obtain decent safe housing, within a welcoming community, with emphasis towards homeownership.
  • Access needed human services
  • Provide quality educational and employment probabilities.
  • Participate in personal development workshops that promote continuous life long learning skills.
  • Receive entrepreneurial training to increase economic development.

Humble Beginnings

Rhema Foundation, Inc. was organized in May of 1993 in the State of Ohio, by

Deborah P. Kerr.

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