Community Development​

Rhema Foundation seeks to provide affordable housing through development and redevelopment of real estate, long-term and short-term, designed to prepare individuals for homeownership. FREE TO MEMBERS THAT QUALIFY.

All the help you need.

Entry Level Office Skills

This component gives hands on instruction and application in basic office skills, i.e., work ethics, telephone etiquette, professional attire and office protocol. FREE TO MEMBERS THAT QUALIFY.

We know that it works most effectively in a community setting where families have access to a range of opportunities, services and interventions.

Personal Finance Management​

Attendees are exposed to personal financial planning tools and techniques. FREE TO MEMBERS THAT QUALIFY.

Specialized Training

RHEMA provides personal training in the following areas.

​Computer Literacy Classes

This component is designed to help women become computer literate.  Thus providing them with a basic understanding of computer programming, repair and operation. FREE TO MEMBERS THAT QUALIFY.

Empowering women to new heights.

Help is here. Call today! 216.991.1153

Hours of Operation M-F 10AM - 5PM


​For those who are so inclined, introductions to a network of entrepreneurs will be established to highlight various career choices. FREE TO MEMBERS THAT QUALIFY.

Personal Development

The personal development component is designed to assist participants in clarifying their goals and objectives.  Through hands on, step-by-step methods and techniques participants learn to make significant changes in their lives. FREE TO MEMBERS THAT QUALIFY.