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Rhema Foundation is touching and improving the lives of thousands of children with the help of people like you.

We established as a charitable foundation in 2019. Our foundation works as a think tank and is well-executer of ideas in helping the poor. We aim to empower families and children in poor communities by improving their quality of life and education and achieve long-lasting victories against poverty.


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Our Mission

We seek to build a platform where access to healthcare and education for children living under underprivileged circumstances, where all people live in dignity and security.


Our Action Plan for

We aim to impact the lives of hundreds of young children by 2024, giving them education and care and a life of dignity. We plan to achieve our goals by leveraging the following strategies:


A sustainable future is possible by providing education and skills for economic growth and inclusive development.


Our educationalist will foster hope and resilience among hopeless and helpless people.


We look forward to accomplishing the health sector, and our drive and commitment to achieve it keep rising.


We will provide food to the families going to bed hungry every night. A hungry child is a vulnerable child.

Financial Inclusion

We work extensively with underprivileged communities for their livelihood, social and financial inclusion


In this area, our teams will transfer a better life purpose for the hopeless and helpless people.

For 25 years, we ensure happy childhoods, and we are happy.

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